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Silent Ones

Ricky Rijneke (Rotterdam Films) 2013

A girl wakes up after a car crash. Her younger brother has disappeared. As she promised him, she boards a freighter to find a new life. Then the shady Gábor crosses her path. A surreal trip on the fragile edge of life and death.

Hungarian Csilla wakes up inside a crashed car, somewhere in the countryside. Her younger brother Isti is nowhere to be found. Dazed, Csilla leaves the spot to begin a second life, as she promised her brother she would. She'll never return. Persuaded by the shady Gabor - he is involved in 'import and export' - she sets off with him in a freighter to Western Europe. During the endless journey, Gabor violates her and Csilla loses her only reminder of Isti. Slowly, she loses her grip. Life on board the freighter is like a vacuum in which Csilla finds herself - a surrealistic twilight zone.

For Silent Ones, a former CineMart project, Rijneke brought together dexterously a choice selection of prize-winning European film talent, including Gergely Pohárnok (Hukkle, Taxidermia) and Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd (Bouli Lanners' regular DOP) for the camera work. Sound by Tamas Zanyi (Delta, Son of Saul). Actress and singer-songwriter Vanessa Paradis contributed with her famous song ‘Joe Le Taxi’. Andrey Dergachev (who worked on The Return, The Banishment and Loveless by Andrej Zvjagintsev) sets the tone for the film with his dreamy-ominous soundtrack.
With her expressive face and few words, the Hungarian Orsi Tóth (Delta, Women Without Men) portrays a young woman fighting herself and her past.

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Ricky Rijneke writer / director graduated as Master of Arts in European Media with honors. She is a film director who also works as a scriptwriter, editor and photographer. She participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus and got invited for the Torino FilmLab, The Toronto (TIFF) Talent Lab and the Sam Spiegel International Film Lab Jerusalem.
Her first short Wing, the fish that talked back premiered in Official Competition of the 60th Locarno International Film Festival nominated for the Golden Pardino (Leopards of Tomorrow) for young talent. It furthermore gained international acclaim at more then fifty international film festivals. 
Her first feature Silent Ones premiered in Competition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam nominated for the Tiger Award. Selected for many major and independent international film festivals Silent Ones won eleven awards out of fifteen nominations, among others Best Director, three times Best Film and three times Best Cinematography.
Silent Ones released in Dutch film theatres for eight weeks received great critical acclaim. A film critic from leading Dutch newspaper 'De Volkskrant', ranked Silent Ones as Best Film of the year.

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