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Beyond Index

Gerald van der Kaap (Interakt) 2017

Rife with arthistorical references, Beyond Index follows a group of Chinese art students working in a painting factory on the precise imitation of classic paintings from the Western canon. This strict adherence to tradition shifts with the arrival of Yves – both a character and a drug. Slowly intoxicated by Yves (Klein’s) words, and the mind-altering color blue, the students undergo an awakening, and begin to consider an alternative, less polluted, reality. Beyond Index denies traditional film rules and instead follows its own, artistic rules.

It is also a trance-image collage, set to the music of the Berlin-based deep-house- duo ÂME. You can watch the film (photographed by Jia Zhangke’s regular cameraman YU LIK-WAI as a travelogue across economic superpower China, a meditation on capital and utopia.

At such a time as now, in which it is apparent that art is implicated in regimes of social control and the production of capital – when even “artistic critique has become an important element of capitalist productivity”, Beyond Index seeks to question whether it is possible for art to subvert in the manner of Yves. Can art be called upon to undermine, or even destabilize the regimes of neoliberal capitalism? Can it be called upon to awaken spectators from passivity?

Beyond Index

Portret van Gerald van der Kaap

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Gerald van der Kaap is an Amsterdam-based artist/photographer who is regarded as one of the true pioneers of the use of new media in art. An unclassifiable artist who participated in the key moments of post-70s art without ever fully pausing for very long in any one of them.

Under the moniker VJ 00-Kaap, he is known to many as an influencial figure of Amsterdam’s underground clubscene, playing a major role in developing VJ-ing during the 1990s, when the genre was still in its infancy.

He uses photography to access the entire field of media in the era of its digital reproducibility: (digital) photography, video, television, books, parties, electronic music, internet, mobile phones, and now film.
Kaap's work has been the subject of numerous international exhibitions.

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